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Wasp Control

Wasp Nest Treatment 

Abate Pest Management offers a safe and convenient solution to get rid of your wasp problem quickly.

Wasps are most active in the warm summer months. In the UK, the Common Wasp and German Wasp cause the most annoyance and painful stings which can be life-threatening if you are allergic to stings.

Wasps often build their nests under the eaves of a building or, if they can gain entry, inside homes and businesses. They are often found in wall cavities, roof spaces and attics. If you find a wasp nest in your home or business, call in the professionals to deal with it. They can be dangerous to handle.

Although wasps are troublesome to us it would be unwise to destroy nests without good reason. Wasps are controllers of far more injurious pests of forestry, agriculture and gardens. If the presence of a nest is causing no direct problems, then it is best left well alone.

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Should it be necessary to carry out a treatment the nest can be treated by either:

  • Dusting an insecticidal powder around the entrance of the nest which contaminates the workers as they return thereby carrying the dust inside; or
  • Surface spraying an insecticide directly onto the nest

Destruction of a wasp nest should NOT be undertaken by untrained persons.


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Our wasp Treatment Service

We offer an easy wasp treatment service, which includes the following process:

1. Contact

Call or email us to discuss your pest problem and we will give you advice or arrange for our local technician to make a visit.


2. Survey

We will arrange a survey if necessary, at a time convenient for you and provide a quote and pest recommendations. 


3. Treatment

Abate Pest Management, BPCA certified technicians will visit to treat your pest problem. We’ll make as many visits as required to ensure your problem is resolved.

4. Guaranteed Service

We offer a 100% money back guarantee should we fail to eradicate a pest problem.

Call us on 0800 980 9767 to book your local pest control technician.

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